The Community Building Hierarchy of Needs

At Localist, we believe events are the purest expression of community because they create the strong bonds any community requires to thrive. Without events, then, it’s fair to argue that ...

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Event Planning/Management

Events & Calendars [Infographic]

Learn more about the powerful interplay between these two marketing tools. 

Did you know that 96% of consumers who have a great experience at an event will be more inclined to purchase? Events impact your bottom line, and are one ...

Event Planning/Management

10 Ways to Increase Your Event ROI

Events are the cat’s meow of marketing. Whether helping your organization generate more leads, sales, conversions; increase brand awareness, or boost organizational reputation, the importance of events can’t be denied. However, if you want to get larger budgets ...

Event Planning/Management

Should I Charge for My Event?

To charge or not to charge – that is the question.

This an issue that event organizers have debated for years, mostly because common sense seems to fall on both sides of the line. We all know the popular axiom you ...

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