Put your event marketing on autopilot.

Event marketing automation for orgs who are building community, and engaging with their members through events.

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More attendance, engagement and connection

Localist is built for all of your events to be managed and marketed in one place. The result is a consistent experience for your members, and a full view of how your events are performing as a part of your overall marketing mix.

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Localist integrates seamlessly with all of your existing tools, including video streaming platforms like Zoom and GoToWebinar

Securing a video streaming platform is just the first step of launching or pivoting to virtual events. Localist has the marketing tools you need to successfully promote your virtual event and connect with your community in the digital realm.

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Maximize community engagement for online events

Mark your events as virtual, and your landing page adapts to focus your audience's attention on how to register and engage in a meaningful way. Automatically promote and share updates about your events on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and email. Use our templates and schedule posts to save time.

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Create a centralized event calendar, landing pages and emails that use your company brand

Customize the look and feel of your event presence to match your brand and create a seamless customer experience. Build beautiful event landing pages in minutes, no coding required.

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Discover the power of a Community Event Platform.

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