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5 Ways to Boost Revenue With Event Marketing

Holding events can be profitable when combined with the right tactics.
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March 29, 2021

Event marketing software can not only help you boost attendance and increase brand awareness but it can also help you generate revenue. Holding events can be profitable when combined with the right tactics.

Here are five ways to boost revenue with an event marketing calendar, beyond just event promotion.

1. Sell tickets

Since event marketing software help increase attendance, it makes sense to use your calendar to sell tickets as well. Whether you’re using your calendar to sell tickets on your own site, or to sell them through a third-party site like Eventbrite, use some of our event marketing promotional techniques to send traffic to your ticket sales site.

2. Sell sponsorship for widgets, event pages, and newsletters

Consider selling spots to advertisers and sponsors for your calendar, and related items. If you’re holding a special beer-and-wine tasting event, reserve special spots on your event page and newsletters for your gold sponsors.

If you use your calendar’s widget functionality, you can sell sponsorship of those widgets when they’re used on other people’s websites. For example, you could give your top sponsors the exclusive branding rights to your event widgets.

3. Sell featured events spots

You often see large events that give naming rights to their event, such as the “Izod IndyCar Series.” So why not sell naming rights to your big events, and then include those events in the featured spots on your event marketing calendar?

Include logos, colors, and company names where appropriate, and encourage your sponsors to help promote the events and send their referrals to your website.

4. Sell ad space

If you have some important tie-ins with certain suppliers and sponsors, consider selling ad space on your event calendar. Those organizations who can’t serve as a sponsor can still be involved by purchasing ad space on your event marketing calendar.

5. Display events from third-party websites

Consider using your event marketing calendar to promote events from third-party websites. For example, regional organizations could feature events happening in the area.

It’s even possible to set up an affiliate program so your organization earns some money for all referral ticket sales. If someone buys a ticket after visiting your own event marketing calendar (where the third party event is listed), you can receive a commission or fee for that sale.

Your event marketing calendar is not just a promotional tool, it can be turned into a revenue stream with some creative thinking and planning.

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November 12, 2021

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