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For more than 10 years, our customers have relied on us to grow and strengthen communities through events - to the tune of 10 million registrations and counting.
Along the way, we’ve learned a few things. Integrations haven’t always been easy, but we charged ahead to meet the needs of distributed communities with complex technical requirements. 

We’ve constantly tested and refined new ideas and technologies to see what works. As a result, we’ve made events easier to discover, thus boosting attendance. We’ve integrated rich data analysis to uncover brand ambassadors and fuel more successful events. And we’re busy at work on new features (coming soon!).


We built Localist to support, organize and make more useful the human desire to gather together around a purpose.

Marketing and digital strategists know Localist will empower their community managers, event coordinators, and customer success to engage with the people who love their brands. Event attendees know they can use Localist to find and connect with their communities.


More connected communities
Events are a powerful way for people to connect, share ideas and get to know your brand. Bringing people together around a common cause or interest sparks thousands of these connections in a single moment, whether virtual or in person.


Make every event discoverable
We want every public event to be easy to find. That’s why we've built the best event management platform in the world. 


Some of the most prestigious brands and largest communities count on Localist.

Mykel Nahorniak

Founder, Localist

“Everyday events are where we turn to find community. Localist is where community turns into growth.

The Localist Manifesto

Some things we believe in:
Gathering around a purpose — an event — is a basic human need.
Everyday events are most organizations’ biggest missed opportunities for growth.
Events are fuel for vibrant communities — and community is an organization’s most powerful asset.
Vibrant, active community is fuel for successful customer acquisition, retention and engagement.
Engaged customers are fuel for organizational growth.

Well-managed, marketed and analyzed events create community success.

Community success = organizational success.

Localist-powered events
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Who we are

Everyday is an event at Localist. We are a diverse, remote team of believers in leveraging the power of the human need to gather and connect for good, and we’re creating new ways for ordinary events to further fuel innovation, collaboration, community building and organizational growth.

Our team

Chelsea B. Legner

Account Executive

Chris Peloquin

Lead Product Designer

Emily Haigis

Director, Customer Experience

Emily Ruppert

Customer Support Associate

Eric Steil

Lead Developer

Gavin Potts

VP of Product

Jason Finney

VP of Sales

Kasia Whiteis

marketing manager

Kat Sadik

Customer Support Associate

Lee Dempsey

Senior Account Executive

Mia Dinkin

Customer Education Lead

Myke Nahorniak


Shahab Kaviani

Head of Marketing and Community

Vell McIlwain


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