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Localist: Your trusted, tested and reliable platform for community growth and engagement

For more than 10 years, our customers have relied on us to grow and strengthen communities through events - to the tune of 10 million registrations and counting.
Customer headshot

Cody Wiseman

Marketing Manager, Visit Rapid City

“Excellent platform with a very helpful team. I love how user-friendly the platform is. It makes it very simple for me to add, submit, and categorize all of our community events. The EventReach metric is very helpful to ensure that all events reach the maximum number of people. The team was able to design our platform to match our website perfectly, so there is a seamless transition from our website to the event platform.”

Some things we believe in

Without events, you don’t have a community.


Build authentic connections between people.


Grow communities through events.


Be community minded (listen)
We leave our egos at the door when searching for the best ideas. We make time to help colleagues. We treat people with respect, independent of their status or disagreements.
Connect the dots (process)
We constantly ask “why” something is the way it is. We challenge sacred cows. We expand our knowledge through books, seminars, mentors, conferences, etc. We truly consider the opinions of others.
Take ownership (act)
We ask for forgiveness, not permission (balancing with the other values, of course). We are biased towards action. We see things through to the end. We don’t give up if the first few attempts at success fail. We can be vulnerable and trusting in the face of uncertainty.
Speak up (your perspective)
We are known for candor and directness. We are quick to admit mistakes. We question actions that are inconsistent with our values. We are even-tempered, but not meek. We speak truth to power.


Some of the most prestigious brands and largest communities count on Localist.
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Mykel Nahorniak

Founder, Localist

“Everyday events are where we turn to find community. Localist is where community turns into growth.”

Who we are

Everyday is an event at Localist. We are a diverse, remote team of believers in leveraging the power of the human need to gather and connect for good, and we’re creating new ways for ordinary events to further fuel innovation, collaboration, community building and organizational growth.

Our team

Abigail Tromler

Business Development Associate

Andy Marshall

Onboarding Specialist

Ashley White

Head of People & Business Operations

Chelsea B. Legner

Manager, Sales

Chris Vetrano


Connor Dodd

Account Executive

Dustin Adair

Senior Account Director

Emily Haigis

Director, Customer Experience

Emily Dugger

Customer Support Associate

Eric Steil

Lead Developer

Gavin Potts

VP of Product

Jared Glass

Account Manager

Jason Finney

VP of Revenue

Kasia Whiteis

marketing manager

Kat Sadik

Customer Support Associate

Manny Martinez

Business Development Associate

Mia Dinkin

Customer Education Lead

Myke Nahorniak


Noah Hess

Account Executive

Tyler Marroni

Account Executive

Vell McIlwain


Localist is a leader in Enterprise Event Marketing on G2

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