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Attract and engage potential visitors through robust event offerings

Localist's powerful event management and marketing automation platform lets you easily centralize and promote local events—all in one place.
With Localist, you can:
Invite local companies to submit and promote their events
Get access to data on event attendees, which you’re currently missing out on
Aggregate all events in a centralized event calendar
Automate social media and email marketing to boost event attendance—online and in-person
Gain actionable insights for audience targeting and event offerings
CUstomer stories

Event engagement can help you achieve your business goals

  • Increase tourism traffic to your destination
  • Demonstrate measurable results to the local community
  • Reach and attract new audiences

Behold, your event marketing toolbox

  • Centralized event calendar
  • Plan the right events for your audience
  • Brand consistency

Over 10 years of powering 10+ million events around the world

Localist, at your service

Customization and pricing are designed to fit the needs of your organization. Plus, our support team will ensure you get the most out of this powerful tool.

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