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Let us optimize your event calendar

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New to the Localist product? Looking for support? With years of Localist experience to our credit, we're happy to help you optimize your new calendar until it looks and acts exactly how your team imagined.

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Calendar Training

Whether you have a new class of administrators who don't know how to use the product, hundreds of administrators who need to be on the same page, or specific questions or topics to discuss, Localist can tailor training to meet your team's wants and needs.

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Support Bold

Your calendar needs regular attention - if it isn’t up-to-date, your audience won’t know about your events, and will eventually stop visiting your site. Localist's Support Bold package allows our team to help implement, maintain and optimize your calendar so you can focus on other tasks.

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Ongoing Support

Would you would like an annual or quarterly platform review of your calendar? Do you have additional questions for our support team? Localist is always available to discuss adding on hours if your team needs additional support and training.

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A powerful calendar takes valuable staff time. Why use Localist's training and support?

Get the exact calendar you want

We'll walk you through setting up a calendar that is unique to your brand. Have design, language or organization requests? We can work with you to create the exact calendar you want.

Stay up-to-date with best practices

We've worked with hundreds of other customers crafting their calendars to meet their needs. We know what works, and what doesn't. Rely on our expertise to help you set up the most effective possible calendar.

Localist is your complete events calendar solution.

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