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localist events for healthcare

Manage community healthcare events and professional development classes across your organization in one place

Localist’s powerful event management and marketing automation platform will help you showcase events, classes, trainings and conferences for the local community, patients and their families, medical and administrative staff and students. 

The more people you reach, the sooner you can realize healthcare cost savings

With Localist, you can:
  • Boost attendance at preventative healthcare events
  • Identify your most engaged community members
  • Gain actionable insights for audience targeting and event offerings
  • Facilitate the formation of and build awareness around peer support groups
  • Keep all events (virtual and in-person) organized in the centralized event calendar
  • Aggregate and automate email and social media marketing for all events across departments
  • Invite community partners (clinics, community nonprofits, health-related nonprofits, healthcare consortiums) to submit and promote their events for brand consistency (bonus: get access to data on attendees, which you’re currently missing out on)
Mount Sinai Hospital System event calendar

See how Mount Sinai Hospital is using Localist to power their healthcare events

Community and staff engagement can help you achieve your business goals

  • Build brand loyalty by providing a sense of belonging
  • Lower long-term healthcare costs by engaging more people through events that help live healthier lives
  • Ensure staff remain current on cutting edge technology and methods

Behold, your event marketing toolbox

  • Centralized event calendar
  • Automated email and social media marketing
  • Ensure brand consistency
  • Eliminate data silos by connecting Localist to your CRM, marketing automation platforms, and more

Over 10 years of powering 10+ million events around the world

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