Monetize Event Content

Leading media companies use the Localist Event CMS.

Attract more site visitors with SEO optimized event listings.

Your event content is an untapped well.

Did you know that your event content can be a consistent revenue generator? Localist automatically creates individual event landing pages, place landing pages, widgets and more. The result? Drastically increased site traffic and ad dollars.

A win-win for you and your partners.

Your partners want to drive traffic to their events and you want to turn a profit on your web properties. From sponsored, featured and trending events; Localist has a variety of promotional tools to make it a win-win for all parties involved.

Import and extend event content.

Localist's feed importer makes it easy to import feeds from local event hosts. Newsletters, robust social media integrations, and widgets allow you to extend the reach of your events - targeting your audience, even when they aren't on your website.

Grow brand awareness.

It's your logo and your brand - don't let someone else take credit for your events. Fully branded event landing pages and the use of a subdomain ensures that your brand (and your domain) retains authority.

Increase ad revenue with Localist.

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