Be Your Community's Source Of Knowledge And Wellness

Forward thinking hospitals use the Localist Event CMS to power their events.

Educate your audience and attract more prospective patients with Localist.

Reveal the full patient journey.

Patient journeys are more complex than ever, which means competition for business is high. Localist allows you to easily measure the efficacy of your event marketing efforts by integrating with a variety of CMS, CRM, analytics, and event registration tools.

Raise event awareness in your community.

Events are critical in helping you promote health education in your community. They also help to reinforce your brand, keeping your hospital top-of-mind with prospective patients. The Localist Event CMS centralizes your events, making them easy to find for site visitors.

Increase event attendance and ticket sales.

Localist helps increase attendees by coupling an event-specific CMS with easy-to-use promotion tools. Widgets, newsletters and landing pages help you organize and promote your events, extending the reach of your events.

Don’t burden your IT team.

Many large-scale events marketing tools require significant IT support and workflow management. Localist communities, channels, and widgets allow hospital systems to easily deploy fully branded event calendars for every single hospital in their system.

Reach more prospective patients.

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