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A compelling answer to the multi-event marketing problem: The Localist Event CMS.

Events are only successful if your audience can find them.

65% of B2B marketers say that events and webinars are their main source of qualified leads. Localist uses branded event/webinar landing pages to drastically increase SEO, reduce bounce rate, and increase on-page time. Implementing Localist ensures your event listings are searchable, shareable, and engaging; driving visitors to register for your events and webinars.

The missing link in the event marketing stack.

Localist completes the front end of the event marketing stack, allowing you to funnel prospect data and interaction behavior to your marketing automation system and CRM. Your first chance to capture event data lives on your website, don't let it go to waste.

Segment and target your audience, with minimal lift.

In a world of single event marketing tools and landing page builders, Localist leverages your first point of contact with potential event attendees, your website. Easily display fully branded events, training sessions, user meetups, and webinars, on any page of your (or your partners) website.

Scalable, yet intuitive enough for any team member.

Localist was built to work with large, cross-functional marketing and event teams. Multiple admins, event pending queues, and robust permissions ensure that the right events get displayed on the correct channels.

Beat your competition with Localist.

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