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Two Gears - API

Control Your Content

You own your content - it is always accessible to you through Localist's API. Use it to build your own event apps and integrate with your existing systems.

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Open & Powerful

Virtually all event-related content is available with the API, including events, places, groups, photos, filters and more! Imagine how you can use your event content.

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Localist's API is easy to use and follows industry best practices. Standard HTTP calls will return JSON that your application - and anyone on your team - can use.

How you can use Localist's API

Integrate With Existing Systems

Outputs come in an industry standard JSON format, making the data highly usable. Use this data to integrate with your existing systems, making Localist work seamlessly for your team across the board.

Create Reports

Query anything you'd like - dates, events, places, groups - to learn more about your organizations' events and how your community engages with them.

Build Apps

The Localist API is publicly accessible, meaning that your developer team can feel free to build whatever they'd like on top of it, whether that's integrations or apps of their own.

Build with your data.

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