The Localist Event CMS

Your events don't need to live in silos

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From smart curation & centralized admin features to enterprise ready registration and ticketing, Localist connects and amplifies event marketing workflows at hundreds of leading organizations.

Two Gears - API

Enterprise Ready, Today

An extensive API, full access to the HTML/CSS of the platform and intuitive permissions allows for Localist to be utilized by any organizational structure. Localist is the most flexible multi-event platform on the market.

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Company Wide Use Simplified

Localist is designed to be utilized by every department, for every event. Visibility options, powerful integrations and internal registrations allow Localist to be used for every event, from employee retreats to sales webinars.

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Increase Site Traffic & Rankings

Hundreds of search engine optimized event landing pages translate into hundreds of pages that can help your events rank higher in search engines; driving increased traffic, registrations and brand awareness for your company.

The Localist Event CMS

The tools you need to empower your organization.


Localist adopts your organization’s brand, automatically. The Event CMS provides intuitive tools for everyone to promote their events. From the public submission form, feed importer and a powerful admin panel. Localist is the only tool capable of centralizing every event, company-wide.


Events in; useable content and data out. Embeddable event widgets, custom event channels, a powerful API, email newsletters and structured social posts allow for data to flow to every system and channel with ease.

4 pillars of the Localist Event CMS

Elevate the entire event lifecycle with the Localist.

CENTRALIZE. Use public submission forms, feed importers, powerful admin permissions and bulk upload tools to centralize every event across the company.

DISTRIBUTE. Use an arsenal of event marketing channels including email newsletters, event widgets, structured social posts, and SEO optimized events.

CONVERT. Every event in Localist is a purpose-built for conversion. Facilitate lead capture and registration with Register or any other ticketing tool.

ANALYZE. Integrations with Google analytics, marketing automation tools, CRMs and more allows Localist to push event data to your entire technology stack.

Connect your entire event marketing stack.

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