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Segment Your Audiences

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Targeted Event Content

Tailor your messages so that they speak to your different audiences. Attractive, detailed landing pages that cater to their specific wants and needs are known to better convert.

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Indexable Content

More is better when it comes to high quality content. Individual landing pages for events, places and groups mean more pages that can be indexed by search engines.

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Multiple Touchpoints

Why only showcase your event content in a tiny calendar box? Reinforce your event details across many pages with varied landing page formats.

Types of Localist landing pages

Channel Landing Pages

Channel landing pages allow visitors to view unique calendars for individual groups within a single organization.

Place Landing Pages

Place landing pages highlight all events that take place at a certain location, regardless of host.

Group Landing Pages

Group landing pages showcase events at different locations that share a common host.

Event Landing Pages

Event landing pages highlight the details of your individual events, from logistics to images to registration.

Boost site traffic and attendance

Increase SEO Value

Metadata, robust event content and highly indexable pages lead to an increase in search engine rankings for calendar pages.

Boost Traffic

High-ranking event pages and targeted content mean increased traffic and brand awareness for your organization's events.

Increase Attendance

Event images, reviews and more help bring events to life for your guests, driving attendance and translating into real-life customers.

Boost SEO value and drive traffic.

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