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Designed For Conversion

Registration, lead capture or simply time on site. No matter your goal, Localist landing pages provide the flexibility and detail to ensure your visitor has all the information they need to convert.

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Structured, Indexable Pages

Localist ingests your existing events, groups, and places; producing branded landing pages that are purpose-built for discovery on every search engine. Leverage your existing event content with Localist.

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Automated SEO

Events die in 30-grid calendars. Localist's auto-generated landing pages liberate your events and provide a search-engine friendly URL for all of your carefully crafted event marketing campaigns.

Types of Localist landing pages

Channel Landing Pages

Channels allow organizations to create event collections based on any classification criteria, giving marketers the power to segment audiences and drive traffic to the appropriate events.

Place Landing Pages

Place landing pages highlight all events that take place at a certain location, regardless of host. These pages provide a central place for venue logistics as well as another indexable page.

Group Landing Pages

Group landing pages showcase events at different locations that share a common host. Perfect for partners, internal departments or any groups within your community.

Event Landing Pages

Event landing pages highlight the details of an individual event, from logistics and registration to imagery and social proof. This is content creation and SEO, automated.

Boost site traffic and attendance

Increase SEO Value

Metadata, robust event content and highly indexable pages lead to an increase in search engine rankings for your entire website.

Boost Traffic

High-ranking event pages and targeted content means increased traffic and brand awareness for your organization's events.

Increase Attendance

Rich event descriptions, social proof, and seamless registration help bring your events to life; driving attendance and translating into real-life customers.

Double your page count, overnight.

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