Cut Through The Noise

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Many Calendars, One Event CMS

Channel pages are separate from the main calendar, by design. However, every event links back to the branded event landing page, providing the user an intuitive way to engage with your events. This eliminates the use of various systems across the organization.

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Segmentation at Scale

Your target audience is most likely massive and fragmented. This is a challenging yet common problem for marketers. Channels allow you to curate events based on any grouping you define, giving your team the power to personalize your audience’s event experience.

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Flexible by Design

Channels can serve as time-bound event pages, for use with conferences or festivals. They can also act as a repository for a consistent grouping of events like internal events, webinars or user training sessions. No matter the event strategy, channels are capable.

Infinite Channel Possibilities

Craft Your Conversion Experience

Impressions? Lead capture? Registration? No matter the goal, channels provide the flexibility to create a seamless conversion experience for your target audience.

Intuitive and Visual

What you see is what you get with the Localist channel builder. The channel builder allows you to drag and drop dozens of prebuilt and custom components; from map widgets and surveys to advertising blocks.

Creative Control, No Developers Needed

The channel builder is designed for marketers who aim to create, optimize and test event marketing campaigns without roadblocks. If your team can use Facebook, they can utilize the channel builder.

Speak to your audience with precision.

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