Customize Your Calendar

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Keep Your Own Domain

Don't use someone else's brand. Host your calendar under a domain you control so your audience isn't confused. Localist lets you keep your hard-earned page rank & brand.

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Customizable Content & Themes

Easily customize every aspect of your event pages to fit your organization's brand. Localist lets you input your brand's look, colors and more.

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White-Label Solution

Capture your brand's look and feel on your calendar for a seamless visitor experience. Localist is the only solution that offers this level of brand customization.

Tools and technologies to keep your calendar beautiful

Customizable HTML & CSS

You have full access to the HTML and CSS of your calendar, making it easy to customize every aspect of your event pages.

Responsive Design

Localist's calendars are responsively designed so you never need to worry about your customers' mobile experience.

Silk Brand Ingestor

Capture your brand's look and feel for your calendar. When you change a detail on your main website, Localist will adopt it automatically.

Customize your calendar.

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