Backend Rails Engineer

We're looking for an experienced Rails engineer to join the ranks of the product team alongside our UX, front-end, and back-end members, all working together to build products that leave a lasting impression.

  1. Create real, tangible impact for users in their unique communities. As an example, last year Localist alone was reponsible for a 700% increase in student engagement (on average) across over a hundred universities. This was a direct result of the products that our development team built.
  2. Work on greenfield projects designed to solve completely unaddressed problems in the event management space.
  3. Architect, build, test and refine new products, features and services
  4. Tackle a wide variety of coding problems throughout the stack – we all work on everything
  5. Brainstorm and prototype new concepts and approaches fast. Turn prototypes into real things
  6. Be a strong collaborator with all business areas in the company


  1. Can take charge of their projects
  2. Thrives in an environment where it's safe to "fail." Failure is where learning happens
  3. Is able to design and write well-structured, easily maintainable, well-documented code that balances beauty and pragmatism
  4. Has 3-5 years of experience in Ruby on Rails and strength in all the Rails fundamentals
  5. Has demonstrable knowledge of Javascript and CSS (using things like React/Redux)
  6. Has solid SQL skills
  7. Has experience squeezing out milliseconds out of Rails to make blazing applications
  8. Has an ability to create well-designed APIs. We'd love to hear about your favorites and why they are great
  9. Has a proficiency in both Linux (production) and Mac OSX (development) environments preferred


Commensurate with experience.


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