Grow your audience through scalable event software

From event discovery to registration, build your brand with a Localist calendar.

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Flawlessly match your current branding

Localist prides itself on being the most intuitive, best possible user experience you can have with an events calendar. And part of that experience is a seamless transition between the brand of your website and the branding of your events calendar. We want your users to feel like your events calendar lives and breathes naturally within your current website.

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Unlimited ways to organize and promote your events

Localist helps you get your events out to all the places online where potential attendees are looking. Use place landing pages, group landing pages, custom channel pages and even our white label native mobile app, Tailgate, to give people more ways to find out about your events.

Meet Tailgate, your own branded event app for a fraction of the cost.

Tailgate is your very own app that showcases your events using your brand identity without needing time or resources from your team. Your audience can easily search for, register and share events with friends, while administrators can monitor real-time engagement among attendees.

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Social engagement that works

Your users expect certain social features in your events calendar, and Localist has you covered. Using your existing IDs, Facebook or other sign-on systems, your users can easily create a Localist profile that allows them to click the "I'm interested" button associated with any event. Other attendees can quickly see all the people going to that event, increasing their own desire to attend.

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Admin tools that incorporate everyone

Whether you have five users or five thousand, Localist is the easiest way to set up your customized admin needs for your events calendar. We make it incredibly simple to set up Localist as your master calendar, and then we provide you with all the functionality you need to accommodate the complicated org chart of users and admin rights that match your unique situation.

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Extract and display content however you want

Build anything you can imagine with the Localist API. We give your developers complete access to every data point in your events calendar so that you can create or embed your events calendar information in any way. We can’t wait to see what you build.

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