Renovate Your Online Calendar

Localist centralizes event management, boosts awareness, and increases attendance.

Key Benefits

Streamlined event management

The average Localist customer saves 8,000 hours of work per year over other calendar software. Localist is intuitive and fast to use, making the management of thousands of events fun.

Boost event attendance

No more no-shows. Raise awareness and increase attendance by up to 70% so your audience finds out about your great events before they happen. Afterwards, use attendee intelligence to plan better.

Grow brand awareness

Localist has been shown to increase web traffic over 3,000%, and is up to 8 times more effective than email marketing campaigns. Check out the business case for Localist.

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Powering Calendars for Hundreds of Organizations

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What Our Customers Say About Us

Localist is a one-stop-shop for our educational programming, promoting all of our events and also providing registration opportunities.
This calendar will help faculty, staff and students get a better feel for everything taking place on campus.
There's a great need within the community to have an easy way not just to promote, but find events. The new Calendar of Events is a great leap forward for both needs.
Our favorite thing about Localist is that it's designed to accommodate you.
We did no training or public announcements of any kind. We just flipped the switch from our old system and trusted that our users would be able to figure out how to use it, because it was so intuitive.
The Localist team has been great at listening to our goals and helping us figure out how to achieve them.
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