Why Localist?

Localist exists to help organizations leverage the power of events to spark ideas and spur movements.

The Localist Manifesto

We skim comments, but we crave conversation. We count likes, but we cry for understanding. We consume, but we dream of creating.

Innovation and technology have brought us a long way, but we can’t let our tools replace what makes us human. We must champion the primal practice that has kept people alive for millions of years — the simple act of gathering.

The drive to connect forces us out of our comfort zones and into communities, where we can feel part of something bigger than ourselves. Where we remember that we have a role in the human story. Where we find purpose and a place to belong.

Humans are born for connection.

Localist is built to connect.

Our Story

If we’ve learned anything at Localist, it’s that gathering together is a basic human need. In the face of evolving technology that promises an ever-expanding array of distraction, there will never be an equal substitute for genuine connections with others. The charge of human chemistry, the thrill of spontaneity, and the delight of human interaction are possible only when we gather in the same place at the same time, be it virtual or in person. It’s pure magic, and it has the power to change the world.

The Beer for Prosperity parade on May 14, 1932 initiated the beginning of the end of Prohibition. The first Earth Day on April 22, 1970 started a global movement to protect the environment. The Live Aid concert on July 13, 1985 focused international attention on world hunger. Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone on June 29, 2007 at the Macworld Convention and changed the way we do...everything.

Almost any major shift in history started with one common trait: an event.

Nearly everyone can recall an event that changed their own world. Can you? Maybe you made a lifelong friend or discovered a passion. Maybe you learned a new skill or new way of thinking. Maybe you found a place you belonged.

At Localist, we want that feeling of belonging — of connection — for everyone. It’s why we built Localist. We help your organization leverage the power of events to build a stronger, more connected community around your mission. A community that can change lives, grow your organization and change the world.

Anyone can build calendars. We build community.

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