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HR teams use Localist to integrate, enrich, and grow their company culture.


HR events redefined

Your team probably produces and manages a large number of retention and recruiting events. If these events go unnoticed by the intended audience, it's a wasted effort. Localist leverages organic search traffic to ensure your events are found by your audience.

Event consolidation

In large organizations, events can be all over the place. Some on a intranet, others on a Facebook page and a few on an internal Google event calendar. Localist provides best in class event aggregation tools to ensure your company provides a centralized experience for your employees and prospective employees alike.

Tactical event distribution

Localist distributes relevant event content to candidates and employees alike. Localist has widget builders, feed capabilities and integrations with 100s of tools to ensure your events get in front of your audience. Don’t wait for your audience to come to the calendar, go to them.



Embolden your HR team

Human resources works with internal communications teams to facilitate employee engagement. Localist is a platform for every audience, including employees. Use event channels, visibility options, and free registration tools to create engaging events for your employees.

One platform, any registration tool

If you work at a large company, it’s likely there are multiple registration platforms floating around. Localist streamlines this process by providing Register, a secure, customizable ticketing tool for paid and free events. Furthermore, Localist is capable of integrating any registration tool for any particular event.

Empower every single department

HR teams work across the entire organization, so does the Localist Event CMS. Localist has best in class admin tools to ensure users have the ability to create, publish, and market any event that is important to their team’s goals.


Classification is key

Nobody knows your audience as well as you. Localist has a variety of tools to classify and display events for the correct audience in the correct medium. From fully customizable event channels to filter lists, Localist has the tools to display a large number of events to a diverse audience.

Push data to teams that need it

The Localist Event CMS can integrate with almost every tool in a modern technology stack including popular CRMs, marketing automation platforms, space management tools, intranets, event management tools and more; eliminating data silos.

Repeatable distribution channels

Localist has tools that anyone can use to market their events. Email automation, landing page generators and event feed generators make it easy to distribute your events every employee (and candidate).


Localist works with your existing tools

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