Everything you need to manage your organizations event calendar

Localist makes event management simpler, event promotion  more effective, and happenings across your organization easier to discover.
all-in-one calendar

All your events in one place.

Centralized event calendar
Localist aggregates your events into a single interactive calendar, providing a centralized experience for all visitors.
Enterprise ready permissions
Custom permissions allow people across your organization (including chapters and affiliates) to create and market events for distributed publishing, while ensuring admins maintain control with approval settings.
Custom categorization
From fully customizable event channels to filterable lists, Localist has multiple tools to classify and display events by date, interest, geography, and more.
Event registration
No need for a third-party site. Localist streamlines the registration process with Register, a secure and compliant ticketing tool for paid and free events.
Payment processing
Register includes paid, free and donation-based tickets, plus flexible ticket groups and promo codes.
Centralized payouts
Register ensures payouts go to the right accounts on time and fees are always assigned to the appropriate party.
consistent branding

Empower your brand.

Brand consistency
As a white-label solution, Localist adopts your site’s visual brand for a better user experience and significantly lower bounce rate.
Responsive design
Over 57% of all web traffic is from mobile; Localist ensures that your design is consistent across devices.
Customizable HTML & CSS
Don’t limit your team’s vision. Localist gives you full access to the HTML and CSS, making it easy to customize the user experience.
event & community insights

Measure and multiply event success.

View trending events, registrations, social activity, admin activity, attendee geography and more with Localist's comprehensive analytics suite.
Predictable user funnels
Localist’s integration with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager allows your team to capture user behavior on your event calendar, event landing pages and other event-related content.
Data distribution
Eliminate data silos and empower your marketing team. Localist connects with almost every tool in a modern technology stack including CRMs, marketing automation platforms, and more.
Build a data-driven business case to calculate your Return-on-Events.
Understand the business impact of each event
Identify which events are moving the needle on business outcomes you specify, e.g. new community member recruitment, fostering connections, and much more.
Plan the right events for your audience
Discover new topics and event formats that your audience will be interested in.

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