You’ve centralized your CMS, why not centralize your calendar?


Centralized content management systems have streamlined the way colleges build and maintain their websites across multiple departments. When each website at your school is managed on one content management system (CMS), it’s easy to share content and branding while making customizations to support the varied needs and target audiences of each individual site.

The convenience of using a CMS is reflected in its widespread adoption. In a 2011.eduGuru Higher Ed CMS Usage Survey, 96% of college reps indicated their institution uses a CMS. And yet, the top complaint among survey respondents was the lack of a useful calendar system in their CMS package. What’s a thriving college campus to do?

Even though your CMS might not offer a powerful calendar solution, that doesn’t mean you should throw the ease and efficiency of centralization that you’ve come to enjoy out the window. Help both administrators and students reap some of the same benefits you would get from a centralized CMS by centralizing your college’s online calendar.

Click here to read about how the benefits of centralizing your CMS stack up with the benefits of centralizing your calendar. 

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