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Why Would a Health Care Organization Need an Online Calendar?

You may be looking for the right event calendar for your health care organization...or you may not even understand why you need one. If the latter is your situation, don’t fret. Just as patients come to your hospital for custom, tailored treatment they couldn’t get in a different setting, so do visitors come to your events calendar.

You wouldn’t want a stroke patient receiving medical treatment at a local gymnasium, would you? Similarly, you don’t want to employ a haphazard grid “calendar” built on a CMS, because that kind of system simply wasn’t designed for that kind of information.

And there’s a lot of information to be shared in health care! From maps of an event venue to information about the host, RSVP links and even social media feeds to get attendees talking, you want to make sure the calendar system you choose is a sleek, modern one that will serve your patients just as well as your organization does every day.

Calendar Goals

There are two main goals when it comes to marketing a hospital’s services and events, whether it’s standalone or part of a larger health care community.

First, and most crucial, is connecting with the local community -- how will people know to come to your hospital in their time of need if they don’t know what services you offer or areas you specialize in? The best way to get information out about these things, aside from traditional advertising, is to let your community actually feel a part of the process. Include them in information sessions, offer tours and Q&As, debut new technology at an event unveiling. Events are one crucial way to connect with your community -- not just by talking at them, but by letting them see ‘behind the curtain.’

Secondly, any in-house marketer at a health care system is going to want to collect cold, hard metrics about their website, events and other outreach efforts. From numbers on attendance and web traffic to SEO improvements, the right online event calendar will not only draw but also collect and present these metrics in a way that works for your marketing team’s analytical needs.

Types of Events

An online event calendar gets the word out there about your health care organization, including your staff, events and commitment to the local community. Seeing the broad swath of your event offerings allows you to connect with current and future patients as well as advertise new service lines.

Have a new da Vinci surgical system you’re putting into operation? Now’s the perfect time to promote it via an informational event. Offering prenatal tours to attract expecting parents? Set-’em-and-forget-’em as recurring events on your calendar. Above all else, let the calendar work for you. You’re putting a lot of effort into hosting events; make sure they don’t get lost in the shuffle!

Rather than being a static, passive grid, your health care system should rely on an interactive event calendar with SEO and social benefits to truly get the word out about your hospital’s commitment to community.

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