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Why Social Media Matters for Students in Leadership Roles


Think of social media users and the image that most likely comes to mind is a college-aged person on a smartphone. We are right there with you. As the first, and for awhile the exclusive, users of Facebook, college students and social media are a likely pairing. Social media use is highly associated with college students and others in the Millennial generation, because they grew up in a connected world. Sharing information and their lives over the Internet is a familiar daily activity. However, just because college students have big social media habits, doesn’t mean they all know how to take full advantage of the opportunities these platforms can offer.

College student leaders are particularly well-poised to use social media to enhance their campus experiences. For these students, social media can be both an effective tool in their leadership roles, as well as a way to further develop their own leadership skills.

Click here to read about the purposeful ways your students can use social media. 

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