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What’s Localist’s “Hook”?


We recently stumbled across a great piece about product hooks — features that are truly novel and useful — usually the mark of a great product.

Localist’s hook is a no-brainer: our dead-simple date entry when submitting an event.

Take a look at typical calendar software and you’re given a mini-calendar when it comes to selecting a date. Something like this:

Hopefully your event doesn’t take place nine months from now, or you’ll be mouse-clicking quite a bit!

We opted instead to use a neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) approach. We thought: every other piece of event information is entered via keyboard; why force the person to use a mouse just to enter a date? We built a feature that figures out what date you mean and gives you instant feedback.

Here’s an example of it in action:

It’s not a massive feature per se, but it saves minutes every time an event is entered, which adds up to a lot when you’re adding thousands of events per year!

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