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What Users Want From Your Online Event Calendar: 2013 Survey Results


Do you have data to back up your web strategy? Localist recently did a survey to find out what people really want in an online event calendar, and from organizations’ web presence in general.

We collected data on social media, email, website features, and, of course, online event calendars. The data was collected from users of 40 of our higher education customers’ calendars. The report covers lessons any organization can take away from the data, as well as specific applications for higher ed.

In the survey report, you will get data to back up your decisions about your web presence.

Here’s a sampling of the takeaways we cover:

1. Email isn’t evil. A majority of respondents, 59%, indicated that they’d like to hear about events via an email newsletter. An even higher percentage, 82%, indicated that it was important to receive reminders about events in which they’re interested. You should, of course, be careful that you don’t overwhelm people with emails, but don’t be afraid to give them the emails they’re asking for.

How People Want to Learn About Upcoming Events

2. Your audience wants a central place for events. A majority of respondents, 56%, indicated that seeing all events in one place was one of their favorite features of the event calendar. Ensure that you are compiling all events in one place to make it easy for your users to find what they want. Then, you can use a widget feature to propagate those events elsewhere, such as on a specific department’s website.

3. Your social media efforts should include Facebook. A majority of respondents, 70%, indicated that they connect with the school via Facebook, making it more popular than any other social site we asked about in this survey. Additionally, 51% of students indicated that they use Facebook to make social plans. Promote your events where your audience is making social plans and watch your events’ attendance and popularity rise.

Download the survey now to read the full report!

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