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We’re Hiring!


We’re hiring! We’re actively looking for enthusiastic folks in the following departments:

Business Development

To reach our growth goals, we’re looking to hire a Sales Associate in the Baltimore/DC area. Our Sales Associates are an integral part of Localist’s team, securing licensing agreements with new customers in higher ed, media, non-profit, hotel, tourism and other enterprise markets.

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Full Stack Engineer (Ruby)

We’re looking for an experienced developer with top-notch software design skills. Our stack includes Ruby, Rails, Sass, Erb, Coffeescript, jQuery and MySQL. We prefer generalists who have lots of successes at every layer of the stack.

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Customer Support Liaison

We consider top quality customer support to be vital to our business. Our priority is keeping our customers happy, not abandoning them after they’ve signed up. Depending on workload, this position is a split between support and implementation training.

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We don’t like hiring interns just to do the grunt work; we want interns to feel like solid members of the team who are making real contributions to Localist. We’re looking for students interested in all departments at Localist, from Sales to Web Development. Have a passion in these areas?

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