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Univera, a leader in the natural products industry, today unveiled its new online event calendar at http://www.univeraevents.com. The new calendar is powered by Localist and custom designed to serve Univera’s corporate and field-driven event needs on a global scale.

“At Univera, we’ve always understood the power of events and audience engagement – the Localist calendar platform is exactly what we needed to take full advantage of our events,” said Craig Ardis, director of events management, Univera. “Not only are we better able to publish and promote our events, our associates can now easily learn about, register for, and socially publicize Univera events.”

Localist’s intuitive, cloud-based calendar takes the confusion out of managing events, turning event content into a powerful marketing driver that saves time, boosts attendance and increases overall brand awareness.

The Univera calendar now has the following features that benefit both users and the corporate marketing team:

  • Administrator features, time saving administrator interface and attendee analytics for efficient event planning and promotion.
  • Custom filters, allow users to search for events by speaker, location or topic.
  • Automated newsletters, for fully optimizing event content and making email marketing and event promotion quick and easy.
  • Subscription feeds, allowing the Univera audience to subscribe to event feeds that match their interests. When a new event is added to the calendar, it will appear in their feed automatically.
  • Comments, reviews & audience photos, to promote discussions among curators, event hosts and site visitors before, during and after an event happens.
  • Social integration, making it easy for Univera associates to spread the word about upcoming events on their own social channels.

“Our platform is designed to support the dynamic range of engaging events that happen every day within the Univera network and we are really excited to be able to help the company roll out its new calendar,” said Mykel Nahorniak, CEO, Localist.

The Localist platform has shown to raise awareness and increase event attendance by up to 70 percent and web traffic by more than 3,000 percent. In addition, event calendars powered by Localist are up to eight times more effective than email marketing campaigns.

Localist Spring 2014 Release

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