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We Put Our Integration With Twitter on Steroids


Localist Smash!!

We found it frustrating to see people on Twitter referring to the same event with different hashtags. After all, what’s the point of tagging something if nobody agrees on the name of the tag? A disorganized mess, we say!

Thus, every event and business on Localist now has its own unique hashtag so it can be easily referenced on Twitter. Check out Sonar or Ignite. See the little “Hashtag:” item? That’s what you’ll be using in your tweets.

So, bear with us while we attempt to illustrate your new, high falutin’ abilities:

What do you do with this hashtag? You make plans with it, of course! Simply put @localist, then the #hashtag anywhere in your tweet and your plan will be made! If you went somewhere yesterday, include “was” or “went” in your tweet. Here are some examples:

  • @localist went to #sonar
  • Will make a plan to go to Sonar, with yesterday’s date.
  • @localist going to #ignite_baltimore
  • Will make a plan to attend the Ignite Baltimore event
  • @localist heading to #sonar, then going to #redbull_happy_hour
  • Will make a plan to go to Sonar and attend the Redbull Happy Hour event

So now you’re saying, “Okay smart guy, what if I’m too busy to look up the hashtag?”

Pff, easy!

  • @localist going to Sonar
  • Will try to figure out what “Sonar” means and make a plan for it. It works pretty darn well, actually!

Phew! I know I’m confused. Give us a tweet if you need some help.

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