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Top 20+ Event Apps & Interactive Tools

By Alex Parent

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Looking for new ways to leverage your event interaction? Then check out these 20+ innovative event apps and interactive tools. Keep your audience engaged before, during, and after the buzzer sounds. Share the love!

Live Q&A

Question and answer sessions bring spontaneity and closeness to any event. But collecting scraps of paper with questions on them is too labor intensive for a fast paced event like yours. Automated, live Q&A apps allow attendees to beam in questions to experts and panels. This helps make the audience feel involved and valued.

These apps offer much more than real time streaming questions. Other features include:

  • Social media integration
  • Collaboration & curation tools
  • Monetization – place your or your sponsor’s ads
  • Conduct polls and surveys

Check out these interactive Q&A sites: Blyve,  Pubble, Sli.do, Pigeonhole Live


Twitter Booster

These tools build upon Twitter’s live and interactive nature. The difference is that you can bundle, moderate, and display event related tweets. One idea is to project this on a big screen, perhaps even behind the main event stage. Some call these Twitter or Tweet walls, and they encourage real time sharing by your event attendees.

Some Twitter tools to try out: TweetBeam, TweetWall Pro, LiveTweetApp


On-Site Photo booth

People love to have their picture taken. So maybe you can set up a smart photo booth. These gadgets capture an image, add your logo, and can then share over social media.

A photo booth requires you to set up a freestanding camera on site, so you might need to hunt around for a local provider. Still, perks like giveaway physical photos provide a tangible memory that lasts longer than an Instagram shot.

Consider photobooth services like these: sharingbox, Keshot, Flashtag


User-Generated Event Content

Why limit yourself to Twitter walls when you can cross over into other social networks? If you want to get more diverse, set up display walls for multiple networks including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Slack, Twitter, and more.

You can even set these up on your website before the event to get the buzz going early. These fully customized and moderated displays put your audience in the spotlight. Who doesn’t love showing up on the jumbotron?  

Here are some top user generated content sites: Tint, StoryStream, EngageSciences, Enplug


Real Time Voting

Everybody loves a contest, right? So give your audience the right to vote in real time with results displayed for all to see. Get creative and let the crowd decide what happens next. For example, you might offer a choice of videos that will be featured on the big screen. Or let them choose the prize for the big giveaway at the end of your event.

Also, speakers can ask people to vote or answer questions in real time. This keeps the audience on their toes. If you showcase a debate, the masses can choose the winner. And don’t worry, the software only allows one vote per person so there’s no ballot stuffing.

Try out some real time event voting apps: VoxVote, Mentimeter, DirectPoll, Meetoo


Make a Game of It

Pokemon GO users aren’t the only ones having fun. Event scavenger hunts, games, quizzes, and contests make sense for the event planner too – even for more mature crowds. According to game designer Jane McGonigal, 1 out of 4 gamers is over age 50. And more than half of surveyed CEOs and senior execs say they take daily game breaks at work.

People love to win points and badges. If you have a leaderboard displayed, expect to see spirited competition. You might also provide quizzes about the content of a particular display or talk. Of course you’ll want to offer enticing prizes to keep participants engaged.

Scavenger hunt, game, and quiz app sites to try: Eventzee, CrowdCompass, EventMobi, Qzzr, QuizRevolution


Full Platform Event Apps

Some platforms give you full scale event administration and interaction. You can include registration, scheduling, maps, speaker profiles, attendees, awards, newsfeeds, floorplans, monetization, and even social messaging. Hot maps show you what areas of your event are getting the most traction.

These do-it-all platforms might be more expensive, but they may also include other features already mentioned, such as gaming or voting. Some of these apps provide powerful analytics that help you crunch data such as attendance, demographics, and popular venues. This helps direct your planning for your next gathering.

Check out these all-purpose event apps: EventsXD, EventBase, DoubleDutch, Grupio, WebMobi, SpotMe   

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