Throw Away Your “30 Box” Calendar


Look at most websites that have a calendar, and you’ll likely be greeted with the infamous “month view” by default. Yes, the thirty-day grid of tiny text and limited real estate allows your users to see how many events are happening at a bird’s eye view, but when it comes to actually reading the information, the month view is the most inefficient.

Our research has shown that presenting information in a list view as the initial presentation is the most efficient, and best received by users. Our reasoning is related to why we also don’t sort events chronologically by default. People typically know they’re free on a certain day, so we provide them a way to quickly jump to a specific day and see more than just the event name.

Because the default Localist interface has no traditional month view, it takes a bit of adjustment for administrators coming from legacy calendars. Don’t fret – your users adjust very quickly, and will become more engaged as a result.

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