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The JDRF Builds Community with a Localist Social Calendar


Having type 1 diabetes can get lonely. Even the most confident and bubbly kid can feel a little isolated while constantly trekking to the school nurse and carting around a backpack of emergency snacks. The problem sticks into adulthood, when managing diabetes well means skipping the social beer at happy hour and conversing delicately about diet on dinner dates.

Allaying loneliness is a big part of why the JDRF rebranded in 2011, leaving the name “Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation” behind and going with just the letters JDRF. The JDRF still seeks a cure for type 1 diabetes, but also aims to make life better for those living with type 1 diabetes. This is especially important as an increasing number of the children the JDRF serves mature into adults.

Localist is thrilled to help the JDRF improve life for those with type 1 diabetes through launching an expanded social calendar. We’ve been working with the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of the JDRF for a while, but today, we launched a new calendar that will include events from the Northwest, Southwest, Nevada, Orange County, and Los Angeles chapters.

View the JDRF Social Hub.

We are excited that this expansion will allow more individuals and families affected by type 1 diabetes find and share JDRF chapter events in their area. We hope getting together will help adults and kids with type 1 diabetes share coping mechanisms, and of course, feel less alone. 

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