The Community Building Hierarchy of Needs

At Localist, we believe events are the purest expression of community because they create the strong bonds any community requires to thrive. Without events, then, it’s fair to argue that ...

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6 Benefits of Using Calendar Widgets

If you’re looking into centralizing your organization’s events calendar, or even if you already have a central calendar, a key question you need to ask is, “how can we efficiently spread event content across our entire website?”

While ...

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Leveraging Media Relations for SEO

In the digital age, there are only a few three letter acronyms more important than SEO. It’s become the holy grail of all things digital marketing. Without it, your organization can’t be found, making it harder to reach ...


SEO, Search & Such: Things You Might Have Missed

In this search indexed world, if your organization or business can’t be found online, does it even exist? Instead of focusing on this philosophy 2.0 question, put your energy into making sure people can find you online. However ...

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