The Community Building Hierarchy of Needs

At Localist, we believe events are the purest expression of community because they create the strong bonds any community requires to thrive. Without events, then, it’s fair to argue that ...

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6 Benefits of Using Calendar Widgets

If you’re looking into centralizing your organization’s events calendar, or even if you already have a central calendar, a key question you need to ask is, “how can we efficiently spread event content across our entire website?”

While ...

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Localist’s New Theme in the Wild

A few months ago, we launched a revamped default theme for our customers, allowing them to better incorporate their brands into their calendars. Although the look and feel has changed, Localist’s core layout has remained the same due to ...

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Localist Launches Themes

Earlier this year, we announced that all front-facing pages in Localist were being rebuilt from the ground-up to allow for full flexibility in presenting event content.

We tested the functionality extensively, and after several rounds of feedback we are excited ...

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