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Event Marketers: Don’t Cancel Your Event – Go Virtual!

By Bob Birdsong

As we face the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, with human health at stake and in-person gatherings too risky, event marketers are asking themselves, “Should I cancel my event?

Our advice to you?

No, don’t cancel your event.

Instead, tap the power of modern technology and keep going with a virtual event strategy. With the right tools, you can easily pivot to a digital event, so that human health is protected - as well as your community, investments and revenue.

Outright canceling an event erodes connections with your network. Pivoting to a virtual event sends the message that you are committed to your audiences and delivering what you promised, even if circumstances have dictated a changed format. It tells your audience that you don’t give up easily and that you are focused on solutions.

Advantages of a Virtual Event Strategy

While gathering in-person can be highly effective for many event goals, virtual events do have a few key advantages:

No space limits.

Virtual events don’t have the same space constraints as a physical event. At an online event, there’s no “selling out,” so you can connect with more people than ever. (But make sure your virtual event platform has the capability to scale up quickly.)

More people can afford to attend.

When you factor out the cost of travel, accommodations and food, more people can afford tickets. Is this your opportunity to expand your community?

More content for your marketing inventory.

With live events, most conferences pick and choose certain presentations to record for future marketing or content banking. If you’re going all digital, it’s not as big a leap to record every single interaction, down to the last Q and A, which can give your content library a major boost and enable more ways to connect with your community in the future.

No printed materials to manage.

With a virtual event, there’s no need to print anything – which reduces expense, makes for looser deadlines, and when you discover that dreaded typo in a digital document – it can be instantly fixed!

More Virtual Event Strategies

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Select the Virtual Event Marketing Software that Supports Your Needs

Remember, pivoting to virtual events is just a change in venue. To properly benefit from the advantages of virtual events, you will want to be sure that you select virtual event marketing software that addresses everything required for success -- from making your event discoverable online to automating communication before, during, and after the event.

Localist seamlessly integrates with live streaming and video software (like Zoom and GoToWebinar), and we are equipped to help you move your physical gathering into the digital realm with our suite of automated tools for planning and promoting virtual events. Request a demo of Localist today.

Localist is your complete virtual event solution

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