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Roundup: Social Media Updates Event Marketers Need to Know About

By Localist Marketing Team

Social media is a great way to promote your events, increase engagement and even foster an online community. But with everything on your never ending to-do list, how can you keep up with the latest updates? Good news, I scoured the news so you wouldn’t have to.

Check out what’s shaking up the social media world and how it impacts your events.

Twitter changes its 140 character rule

Twitter will no longer count photos, usernames and media attachments towards your 140 character limit. Although this will take a few months to roll out, start planning how you’ll take advantage of this update for your events. Consider investing more in graphics and create digital flyers, or get mentally prepared for more room to promote your event content.

Periscope allows users to moderate comments

This new update means you have one less thing to worry about when live broadcasting your events via Periscope. If there’s a troll commenting on your broadcast, you can now flag it as offensive. Next, the flagged comment quickly goes to a jury of random Periscope users to vote whether or not the content is spam, abusive or should be left alone. If the majority vote that it’s spam or abusive, Periscope will remove the comment and you’re free to focus on interacting with your virtual attendees.

Instagram finally rolls out business profiles

The wait is almost over! Instagram announced that it will no longer treat your brand page like a personal account, which means you’ll finally get the robust tools you need to manage your event marketing content. Organizations will soon be able to measure the engagement levels of their posts, determine the best time of day to post content and promote their best performing post — all from within the app. With its ad targeting, you can promote your events to your ideal audience across the social network. Instagram is currently in the process of rolling out these changes to brands now, so stay tuned to see when it’s available to everyone.

What other social media updates should event marketers know about?

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