Questions Legal Should Ask When Looking for a New Website Events Calendar


When making a decision on a website events calendar, you’ll need to have many departments weigh in to make sure the solution you choose meets the needs of the entire organization. We know that’s a lot of information to keep track of, and people to keep happy. In order to make your organization’s decision easier, we recently published “Why Localist Matters,” which will take you through how Localist benefits every department. Yet the questions below apply to any website events calendar solution you’re considering. We’ve already talked about marketing and web communications, and we’re going to continue to cover each department here on our blog.

Today, we’ll talk about the questions your legal department will want to address identifying the right website events calendar for your organization. When we’re in initial talks with customers’ legal departments, we hear a lot of the same recurring questions come up. After all, legal departments need to take care of all things contract-related.

Click here to read about the most common questions your legal department will want to address. 

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