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Questions About Online Social Calendars? We’ve Got Answers.


Creating dynamic and innovative online social calendars is what we at Localist do best. We thought we’d make it even easier for you to tap into our extensive knowledge of social and calendar technology. We’re excited to announce the launch of our new resources page.

It will be your source for all things online social calendar. You can find:

  • Case studies: Hear from our customers about what it’s like to launch and use a Localist-powered online social calendar.
  • Best practices blog posts: We share our tips and recommendations on adopting and using online calendars.
  • Our new eBook: “Why Your Online Calendar Should be Social” is a must-read for those looking to meet students and community members where they are: online.

While you’re checking out the new resources page, we’ll be out there building more calendars, interacting with customers, and bringing you more helpful content. Be on the look out for updates.

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