Plugged in: Five Ways College Student Internet Use is Unique


Seems like everyone these days is constantly plugged in: it’s no surprise that today’s college students are some of the biggest internet users. Look around any campus and you’ll see college students connecting all over the place.

There are students thumbing smart phones while waiting in line for coffee, lining library tables with laptops, and up late in the common room with tablets on their knees. No matter the device of choice, on a college campus, everyone’s connected.

So what exactly are students doing online? And is college student internet use all that different from that of those who left the quad years ago?

To supplement what we’ve learned from experience, we took a look at some studies from the 2011 Pew Internet and American Life Project and the First Monday article, Everyday Life, Online: U.S. College Students’ Use of the Internet.

Click here to learn about the five characteristics of college student internet use that you should know. 

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