Our Top Picks: 8 Event Tools We Love in 2016


Let’s face it, event marketers and technology are a match made in heaven. Whether you believe in love at first sight or prefer ‘dating’ before committing to the latest tech trends, few would disagree that technology has made an event marketer’s job run a little bit smoother.


From collecting real-time data, increasing attendee engagement, to optimizing event promotions, we’ve compiled a list of swoon-worthy tools that will have you wanting one, or all of them, to be your Valentine.

  • Canva – This free program has taken graphic design for dummies to the next level. Use Canva to design images to promote your events on social media, email, blog and more. If you upgrade to Canva for Work, you’ll be able to easily upload your organization’s colors so you’ll never have to worry about being off brand.
  • Google URL Builder – If you want to track your event’s success, Google URL Builder is a great place to start. Create a unique URL for each of the different channels you use to promote your events. Then use Google Analytics to analyze the performance of each of your channels. Localist’s interactive event calendar integrates with Google Analytics, so you can easily see the performance of your event’s page. Don’t worry if you don’t have Google Analytics, you can sill take your unique links and group them together in bitly (since you’re technically not  tracking the same URL) and see your results that way.  
  • Double Dutch  If you’re looking to enhance networking at your events, this is the app for you. This mobile app allows your attendees to participate in discussions, connect with each other and even reach out to speakers. 
  • Zoomph – This software’s social media gamification capabilities makes attendee social sharing around your event virtually irresistible. In addition to displaying tweets and Instagram posts using your hashtag, attendees can see how their social influence ranks in comparison to their peers.
  • EventMobi – This mobile app allows attendees to participate in fun challenges, such as meeting someone new at the networking event, finding your CEO or competing for the most check-ins.
  • Crowd Mics – With this mobile app, avoid the awkward lull when an attendee has a question and has to wait for someone to run and hand over a microphone. Event goers can simply turn their app into a microphone once a moderator calls on them. 
  • TweetDeck  This may be an oldie but it’s definitely still a goodie. This free tool is great for real-time conversation tracking. Discover what attendees are talking about by monitoring your event’s hashtag and other relevant keywords. Respond to questions and comments to deliver exemplary customer service to event goers.
  • Slido  Surveys are a great way to gauge the success of your events. However, paper surveys get lost and can be a real pain. Slido is a mobile app that allows you to easily to create mobile surveys to send to your event attendees.

Does this list have you falling in love and wanting more? See why hundreds of event marketers use Localist, the leading interactive event calendar to easily publish and manage their events in one place. Sign up for your free trial today!


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