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Online Calendar Face-off: Sort Events by What’s Trending or Chronologically?


As the title of this post suggests, you do, in fact, have a choice when it comes to how your online calendar will sort and display events. Sorting events according to date and time has been the go-to standard for calendars, and is likely the option with which you’re most familiar.

But we promised a face-off, so what is this other contender all about? Sorting events by what’s trending or popular. By default, the first events Localist calendar users see are the ones generating the most buzz, as determined by our patent-pending trending algorithm. We’ve also got a calendar view on the side, so it’s still easy to see what’s happening on a given date.

We’ve talked about this issue before, but today, we’ve brought the two contenders together in a face-off to help you decide which sorting option is best for your online calendar.

Click here to read about the pros and cons of each sorting option to see how they stack up against each other. 

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