The One Marketing Tool You’re Overlooking

Marketers let’s be honest it’s tough out there. As a marketer today you have to wear multiple hats all while keeping up with the latest tools and channels to effectively get your message out to your audience. Usually, this is all done while needing to slash budgets, increase sales and maximize revenue. From us at the Localist marketing team, we feel your pain.

But what if I told you there was one marketing tool that you probably already have in place but aren’t maximizing to its fullest potential that could have an immediate impact on your marketing goals? Drumroll’s your online event calendar. Yes, it’s not the flashiest of all the marketing channels out there but bear with us as we explain how the right event calendar software can drastically improve marketing metrics across the board.

The number one way a properly built event calendar can help you achieve your marketing goals is through good ole SEO. Now we know what you’re thinking, I’ve been sold this snake oil before, everyone says they will increase SEO, but the results never materialize. Now we’re not promising you’ll magically appear on the first page of every Google search results but what we can guarantee is that the right event calendar software will index all of your event pages. This means Google and other search engines will be able to “see” each event as separate pages of your site enabling your organization to appear in more search results.

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s an easy unbiased way to see how Google views your current online event calendar:

  1. Head over to Google and type “” Replacing the example with the exact URL of your online event calendars homepage. *Note: Make sure not to use an individual event for this purpose.
  2. Hit enter, and you’ll find text underneath the search settings that says “About XX,XXX results.”


3. The number displayed is exactly how many pages of your event calendar are being found by Google.

If you’re an organization that holds several events a year or displays community events from different partners and you do not see that number reflective in the search results, then you might have a problem. And you my friend might be in the market for a more robust calendar software, and in that case hey we know of a company (wink, wink).

To recap if your online calendar is doing its job and effectively indexing events, we can all agree your chances of that event being discovered increase. What this increase in traffic means for your organization depends on several factors but it’s not out of the ordinary to think that:

  • More traffic can increase revenue from your paid events
  • Decrease your reliance on paid promotion to get the word out about your events
  • For those monetizing their calendar increased traffic numbers can be used to justify partners spending more to reach a larger audience
  • Reach more of your target audience with your organization's mission

Now armed with this data the choice is up to you on how important events in your overall marketing strategy and what kind of impact the right event calendar software can have on your organization. But in this competitive marketing landscape where we are all trying to compete for the same impressions isn’t it time to take a closer look at your online events calendar?

To see a demo of an events calendar platform that can do all of the above and more click here.

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