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October Features, Functionality and Fixes


Every month, we announce the major Localist Platform features, functionality and fixes that have been deployed recently. Here’s what was launched in October:

  • Added event taxonomy filters to school homepage by default.
  • Added SILK support for mobile layouts.
  • Added movie listing feature on Localist for Media platform.
  • Added additional field support in CSV template.
  • Added ability to enable custom fields on the public event submission form.
  • Added ability to sort order of custom fields.
  • Fixed an issue where some pages weren’t displaying properly in IE9.
  • Switched to Facebook’s new JavaScript API.
  • Tightened Eventbrite “event pull” integration.
  • Beefed up the CSV importer to handle more format types, resulting in less manual massaging of data.
  • Changed name of “First Load” to “Waterfall.” Explanation here.

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