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November Features, Functionality and Fixes


Every month, we announce the major Localist Platform features, functionality and fixes that have been deployed recently. Here’s what was launched in November:

  • Added JSON output to our API in preparation for Localist API 2.0.
  • Added ability to force event type/group/department assignment on incoming event
  • Added support for time zones to the iCal feed importer.
  • Added support for platform-specific privacy setting default values.
  • Added near/within geographical criteria to API.
  • Optimized all platform UI images for better performance.
  • Optimized photo cropper algorithm.
  • Widgets are now location-aware! Event results can be dynamically sorted based on proximity to the user.
  • Cleaned up user settings when user is logged in via single sign-on.
  • Event listings can now show their associated type and department below the title. Check Cornell’s calendar for an example.
  • Completely redesigned admin newsletter interface for more intuitive content curation.
  • Changed event attendee list to show an accurate count, even if users mark their attendance as private.

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