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Even if you only have a little experience with Localist, our goal is for it to be easy and intuitive to use. It recently became apparent that our Knowledge Base was missing some key articles for new features that had been added to the platform, but didn’t have solid documentation backing them up. Today, we’re proud to  announce a brand new Localist Knowledge Base! We took a fresh look at every aspect of Localist and created incredibly thorough guides, complete with step by step instructions, screenshots, definitions, best practices, and of course, your most common questions. Localist Knowledge Base Adding an event   Tip: If you have a question while viewing an article, click on the Contact button in the header. Our help desk will identify what article you were viewing so we can continue to modify the guides to be as intuitive as possible. Some previous Knowledge Base links will no longer be live. However, you will still find familiar categories and article titles, such as “Roles & Permissions” or “Building a Widget.” As always, we’re available via support@localist.com to point you in the right direction, brainstorm best practices or to chat about any feature requests you have in mind!

Check out the new documentation now and let us know what you think!

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