New Guide: 7 Ways to Amplify Your College Recruiting Through Events & Social Media

By Localist Marketing Team

For a millennial, there are few things worse than going on social media and seeing their friends having a blast at an event that they couldn’t attend. This feeling is so prevalent nowadays it even has it’s own acronym: FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). So what does all of this have to do with higher ed marketing? 

Events play a critical role in your enrollment marketing efforts. By empowering prospective and current students to share your recruiting events on social media, you’ll expand your reach, increase attendance for future events and increase your prospective student pipeline.


Make Your Events Simple to Share

This is key to igniting word-of-mouth of marketing on social media. Let your attendees to do the work for you.

Before your event launches, include the hashtag on your website, in all of your invitations/emails, your promotional social media posts and even in the description of your Localist interactive events calendar. As always, make sure social media is integrated with your event’s page.


Localist customer Cuyahoga Community College makes sure everyone knows their hashtags for upcoming events. In addition to including it in the allotted field above, they put it in the description.

Embrace Snapchat

Although your prospective students still use Facebook and Twitter, with a whopping 41 percent of teens using Snapchat, it’s a social network that should be included in your marketing efforts. Although content can disappear in 10 seconds, you can create Snapchat Stories that will last for 24 hours. You can also save your snaps and repurpose the content on more permanent channels like Facebook and Twitter.


When former Twitter CEO and University of Michigan alum Dick Costolo came to his alma mater’s campus, students could find a Snapchat recap on Facebook.

Keep the Party Going

The fun doesn’t have stop just because your event is over. Create a cool recap of your events. This doesn’t have to be a standard blog post, you can let your audience do the talking for you by using Storify and Rebelmouse.



With these tools, you can search your hashtag and select your favorite tweets to create a story.


Say Yes to Photo Booths and Props

Many photo booths will let users simply sign in with their social media profile, allowing them to publish the photo with your hashtag already populated. It doesn’t get much better than your attendees not only promoting your event, but looking like they’re have a blast while doing it.


Eastern Illinois University created a backdrop of their school, had paw prints and fun signs for the newly admitted Panthers.  

Get Feedback, Analyze, Tweak, Repeat!

People won’t sing your praises on social media if your events are lackluster. Remember, there’s a fresh crop of high school seniors are watching so you can’t afford not to actively optimize your events. Use social media to analyze attendee conversations about your events. Search keywords such as your hashtag, event and school name and do a qualitative analysis.

Here are some free tools to help you get started.

Did it take too long for people to check in to your events? Did your event inspire students to register for the fall semester? These are a few examples of the type of information you’re looking for during your analysis. If there are any problems that you can fix in real-time, address them to enhance the attendee experience. If not, be sure to iron out problems for the next event.

Snapchat: The Secret Sauce for Increasing Event Engagement and Attendance

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