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New Features, Fixes, and Functionality


We’ve been hard at work here at Localist to build the best online event calendar possible. Since September, we’ve made 360 code changes, including the following:

  • Multi-date events will now be linked in Outlook and Google Calendar subscriptions

  • If no ticket price is entered, “Buy Tickets” will say “Register” instead

  • Added ability to subscribe to individual events

  • Unified platform breadcrumb language and behavior

  • Added ability to import RSS feeds with hCalendar tags

  • Upgraded to Google Maps API V3

  • Created Admin Club for Localist users and overall Localist documentation

  • Added created_by and updated_by to API V2 data

  • Unified share buttons on Events and Places

  • Added ability to track “I’m Going” and “Watch This” click events in Google Analytics

  • Added ability to CSV-import Places, Groups and Departments

  • Added universal “Import Status” monitor for all CSV imports

  • Added ability to flag any photo as the platform fallback directly in Administration

  • Added basic user Achievement functionality for end-user on-boarding

Feel free to get in touch with our team at info@localist.com to find out more about these new features. Back to work!

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