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Meet Kevin, Our New Account Executive


We have a new team member! Meet Localist Account Executive Kevin Fu.

Kevin FuWhy Localist?

After working for a number of startups and being immersed in the Silicon Valley culture, I came to D.C. with a clear realization of exactly what I wanted from a company. After going through the interview gauntlet with many local startups, I walked away confident that a career at Localist was the best fit if I wanted to achieve my professional and personal goals.  

Localist has a genuine emphasis on taking the right people and teaching them how to become strong, strategic-minded sales leaders. The opportunity to learn from a top tier team of talented and experienced professionals whom I can learn from every day, also helped seal the deal.

Before Localist

I grew up in Pittsburgh and moved to the West Coast for college, where I studied Philosophy at the University of Southern California. I originally thought law school was my next step, but it was my exposure to sales and startups that changed my mind. After working as a door-to-door summer sales intern for a window startup, and then in a music platform tech startup in Los Angeles, I decided to take a career in sales more seriously.  

After graduating in May 2015, I headed for San Francisco, where I worked at a CRM startup called ProsperWorks. It was a very successful company that grew massively every week and gave me insight into how a well-funded startup scales quickly into a competitive landscape. Despite my love for California, I decided it was time to return to the East Coast, and give D.C. a try.

A Little More About Me

I really enjoy traveling and hiking. After graduating from USC, I spent two months backpacking seven countries in Southeast Asia with my girlfriend and a close friend. It was a profound and incredibly fun experience which I recommend to anyone without reservation.   


Kevin Fu in Hawaii

This past winter, I spent a few weeks in Hawaii and then traveled to Iceland. I had a great time seeing some of the most beautiful winter landscapes on the planet – I also tried whale sashimi.  It was…interesting.  

I have one of those scratch off travel maps and my goal is to clear the whole thing over my lifetime. Also, I have a collection of pictures of me standing gloriously on the edges of cliffs and other “edge-standable” places around the world.

I’m still settling into D.C. life (I’ve only been here for about two months), so I’m still exploring and figuring things out. I’m excited to be here and for what’s to come!

Welcome to the Localist team, Kevin!


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