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March Features, Functionality and Fixes


Localist powers many college and university calendars, but that’s not all we do. Many of our customers are nonprofits, membership associations, and organizations that focus on bringing people together around common interests, not the common room in a dorm. 

A big part of why organizations love Localist is that it is easy for users to login due to our social integration. We have long allowed users to sign in with Facebook, but this wasn’t cutting it for communities with a professional audience. 

That’s why, in this month’s Features, Functionality and Fixes roundup, we’re happy to announce that we now support Sign In with LinkedIn, so Localist users can decide which social network they would like to use.

Check out the University of Maryland BioPark’s calendar to see how this feature is helping to connect biotechnologists from around the Baltimore and Washington D.C. area.

That’s not all, of course! Here’s are the other items we’ve recently deployed:

  • Added timezone support in iCal feed ingestor
  • Added option to open links from a widget in a new window
  • Added Photo URL support to Group bulk-uploader
  • Added new content to newsletter event objects
  • Fixed issue with sub-filters collapsing prematurely
  • Fixed date/time display on default newsletter
  • Fixed minor IE9 issues
  • Fixed issue with Google Calendar subscription links being blocked by Google
  • Modified “Buy Tickets” button language to say “Register” if no price is defined
  • Modified admin flow after saving changes for groups, communities and newsletters
  • Modified filters on search/calendar view to be consistent with homepage view
  • Improved automated newsletter generation and delivery
  • Improved CSV importer preflight checks
  • Improved search indexing for more granular searches
  • Updated Facebook Connect login flow to not ask the user for their email address
  • Switched infrastructure to new error monitoring for faster time-to-response

The JDRF Builds Community with a Localist Social Calendar

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