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Localist Welcomes Amanda!


We have a new team member at Localist. Meet Amanda, our new Business Development Associate. Check out her story below.


Why Localist?

While in school at University of California, San Diego, I had the privilege of working with numerous nonprofits and organizations across the world as the Marketing and Events Director for a small, local startup. Through my experiences there, I discovered my love for being on the front lines of customer interaction. Feeling the need to be in a more face-to-face role, I shifted my gears towards the sales world, finding my perfect career path. Soon after this discovery, I landed a job at a great company, Localist.

Localist is such an amazing company. I am so excited to work alongside my new colleagues and for a company that has the utmost integrity and transparency when it comes to handling everyday business and sales.



A Little Bit More About Me

I’m an avid indoor and outdoor rock climber whose favorite way to train is by taking spin classes at local studios. I am absolutely hooked on both! You can definitely call me an adrenaline junkie and thrill seeker as I am always up for a challenge or trying something new. I do my best to live by the mantra “do one thing that scares you everyday and you will realize what it feels like to be alive”.


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